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Burritos Without Borders

The cornerstones of the Currito concept are Burritos Without Borders. Pushing beyond fresh Mexican cuisine and typical wrap restaurants, Currito serves the cure for the common burrito. Burritos Without Borders aren’t necessarily Mexican, but they are hot, delicious and addictive. Mediterranean, Mexican, American and Asian are just a sampling of the flavors, which allow Currito to appeal to a variety of customers.

Freshly marinated chicken and steak are seared on a char broiler, fresh salsas are made daily, and each burrito is tightly rolled to order in front of the customer. Fillings such as freshly steamed brown rice and gently spiced tofu offer healthy options; however, Currito’s menu allows customers to take control of their dining experience. Each burrito can be as healthy or indulgent as the customer’s imagination allows.

The perfect complement to our burritos is our refreshing smoothies. Customer options range from the healthy, cool Triathlete made with real fruit juice and real fruit to the delicious milkshake made with real milk and non-fat frozen yogurt. Our smoothies are great because they start with great ingredients – never with mixes or syrups.



Choice of: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Steak, Organic Tofu, Carnitas Pork or Barbacoa

Build Your Own

Walk the line and make it your way


Cajun spices, black beans, roasted corn salsa, sour cream, rice, flour tortilla.


Thai-style peanut sauce, Asian slaw, cucumbers, rice, flour tortilla.


Teriyaki sauce, caramelized onions, broccoli, carrots, brown rice, whole wheat tortilla.


House made hummus, tomato salsa, cucumber, feta cheese, brown rice, balsamic vinaigrette, whole wheat tortilla.


Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, celery, rice, flour tortilla.


Black beans, mango salsa, melted cheese, cilantro lime rice, flour tortilla.

The Classic

Melted cheese, pinto beans, salsa, cilantro lime rice, flour tortilla.


Guacamole, Extra Meat

snack wraps

Chicken & Cheese, Steak & Cheese, Nutella, Cheese, PB&J


Chips, Chips & Guacamole, Chips & Salsa, Chocolate Chip Cookie


Berry Blitz

Apple juice, blueberries, banana & raspberry sorbet

Cape Codder

Apple juice, cranberries, blueberries, raspberry sorbet, non-fat frozen yogurt

Mango Passion

Mango juice, mango, non-fat frozen yogurt

Soy Smoothie

Soymilk, strawberries, banana and honey

Nutella Milkshake

Skim milk, non-fat frozen yogurt, Nutella and fruit if desired

The Jimmy Carter

Skim milk, peanut butter, banana, non-fat frozen yogurt


Apple juice, mango juice, strawberries, banana, energy pack, fat burner


Apple juice, mango juice, strawberries, banana, non-fat frozen yogurt


Energy Pack, Brain Builder, Fat Burner, Vitality, Vitamin C, Whey Protein ($ .49)


Fountain Soda, Bottled Water, Juices, Specialty Drinks


Enjoy any salad as a burrito

Currito House Salad

Pico de gallo, corn salsa, black beans, feta cheese, scallions, fresh grilled chicken, creamy lime dressing
Without Chicken

Build Your Own

Walk the line and add lettuce and chicken plus your choice of cold line items
Without Chicken

Chinese Chicken Salad

Lettuce, grilled chicken, rice noodles, almonds, sesame seeds, scallions, Chinese dressing
Without Chicken

Caesar Chicken Salad

Lettuce, grilled chicken, herb croutons, feta cheese, Caesar dressing
Without Chicken


Served until 11am
Not all locations

Egg & Cheese

Scrambled eggs, salsa, melted cheese, flour tortilla

Bacon & Eggs

Scrambled eggs, bacon, melted cheese, flour tortilla

Truck Stop

Scrambled eggs, salsa, bacon, potatoes, melted cheese, flour tortilla

Huevos Rancheros

Scrambled eggs, salsa, black beans, melted cheese, flour tortilla


We want to make sure that you have a great experience at Currito. Lets us know the good and the bad, it can only make us better at what we do. Please email us any feedback you may have.

Oh, and another thing – we’ll actually write you back. We put a priority on making sure our customers know that they are being heard.

Franchise Information

currito support

Franchisees will enjoy being supported by a team that has a proven track record. Our services begin the minute a new franchisee joins our family. We offer support in site selection, lease negotiation, construction, training, marketing, design, and ongoing operations. We understand and live by the philosophy that our franchise partners are the lifeblood of our company. We will do anything within reason to make sure that our franchisees are happy.

Currito Sites:

Potential sites for Currito include:

  • High traffic strip centers
  • Central business districts
  • Regional shopping centers
  • College campuses
  • Airports and hospitals
  • Demographic suggestions for Currito sites include:

  • Median Household Income greater than $60,000
  • 40% + College Educated in 3 miles
  • Strong mix of daytime and residential population
  • A typical Currito floor plan is 1800-2200 square feet for an inline location and 700-900 square feet for a food court location. End cap locations with potential for patio seating and ample parking are preferred.

    currito questions

    What are the fees?
    The initial franchise fee is $25,000.
    The ongoing royalty is 6%.

    What is the typical cost to build a Currito?
    The cost varies greatly due to a number of issues but ranges between $190,000 and $400,000.

    currito process

    Complete our Franchise Application. The application can be obtained by calling our office at 513-896-9695. Or, download an application now and mail or fax to our office.

    188 N. Brookwood Ave.
    Suite 100

    Hamilton, OH 45013
    513-896-3750 Fax

    We will contact you to discuss your plan for building out your market or location. Once a franchise has been granted we will put the full resources of our team at your disposal to begin the site selection process and further support.



    Circle Center Mall
    49 W. Maryland, St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204


    Florence Mall
    2076 Florence Mall Rd.
    Florence, KY 41042


    Bentley College
    385 Beaver Street
    Waltham, MA 02452

    Logan International Airport
    300 Terminal C
    Logan International Airport
    East Boston, MA 02128


    Newark Liberty International Airport
    Terminal B, Space B7C
    Newark, NJ 07114

    Currito Cantina
    Newark Liberty International Airport
    Terminal A
    Newark, NJ 07114

    New Brunswick
    Currito Rutgers
    126 Campus Ave.
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    732-640-2222 p
    732-296-0144 f


    Calhoun Street Marketplace
    University Heights
    222 Calhoun Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45219
    fax: 513-281-5300

    Xavier University
    1625 Herald Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45207
    fax: 513-745-4929

    111 E. 5th St.
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    fax: 513-579-1334

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
    5300 Riverside Dr.
    Cleveland, OH 44135


    Drexel University
    234 Race St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Philadelphia International Airport
    Terminal D
    8000 Essington Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19153

    Pittsburgh International Airport
    Food Court AC-2d
    Pittsburgh, PA 15231
    (412) 472-3106

    Career Opportunities

    Do you love having fun, serving a great product and making customers smile? So do we!

    Currito is expanding quickly. As we enjoy our growth, we need individuals with a passion for food and the desire to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial team.

    Available Positions

    Positions are available in our restaurants. Current job openings include:
    General Managers
    Assistant Managers
    Team and Shift Leads

    Download an application

    Contact Information

    188 North Brookwood Ave
    Suite 100
    Hamilton, Ohio 45013
    Phone 513 896 9695
    Fax 513 896 3750